Soft skills are the personal attributes of each individual, as well as personality traits, social skills and communication skills. Soft skills characterize how an individual interacts with peers within and outside the work environment.

Soft Skills for Teaching Techniques

Course summary

Porto, Portugal

6 days

Erasmus+ KA1


Soft skills are personal attributes, as well as personality traits, social skills and communication skills. They characterize how an individual interacts with peers within and outside the work environment.

Different from the so-called hard skills, soft skills involve emotions and intuition, both responsible for the ability to express and interpret the feelings of another person. Teachers need to be highly skilled in all these areas to be excellent in their profession.

For a teacher, it’s not just important to give a quality lecture; they also need to be able to transfer knowledge, skills and values at the same time. Soft skills for teachers are thus as important as their in-depth knowledge of a particular subject.

It is only through soft skills that a teacher can introduce creative and effective solutions to their students’ problems.

Teacher using soft skills to work with her classe

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Pricing Details

Our pricing policy follows the official regulations on transparent costs.

The costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

Course fee: 580 euros per participant (6-day course).


  • Learning Together’s Welcome Kit;
  • A Daily Program designed by our trainers;
  • Welcome Dinner to meet your new colleagues;
  • Social and Cultural Heritage Activities integrated into networking and social dynamics:
    • Cultural Heritage Day: Guided Porto visit;
    • Hop On & Hop Off Tour Bus;
    • 6 Bridges River Cruise;
    • Visit to the Port Wine Cellars & Wine Tasting Experience.
  • Daily Coffee Break;
  • Logistic, organizational and administrative support from headquarters;
  • Daily assistance and on-call support throughout the whole week.
  • Target Audience
    This course is designed for a wide range of educational professionals including teachers, trainers, educational and career counsellors, school psychologists, headmasters, school administrators, and staff across primary, lower-secondary, and secondary schools. It also caters to professionals in training centers, adult education schools, higher education institutions, and NGOs.
  • Additional Info
    Please note that the course may have participants from various school levels and English proficiency.
    Course Language: English

Course Objetives

The course’s main goal is to develop and acquire effective soft skills. The course focuses on improving techniques and practical activities that teachers can use in a classroom context, whilst expanding their ideas so they can teach engaging and informative lessons. The course aims to assist teachers of all subjects and to clarify their roles in encouraging students to become confident users of their language, in reading, writing and talking.

Learning outcomes:

    • Develop soft skills in order to overcome communication barriers and to support their managing role; 

    • Provide tools for more effective communication and to motivate different personality types;

    • Understand group dynamics;

    • Enable the participants to understand learners & colleagues’ needs;

    • Acquire knowledge and tips related to delivering effective public speeches (how to structure and plan effectively a speech), communication skills and learning styles;

    • Provide practical tools for identifying and changing unsupportive behaviours;

    • Enhance communicative competence in English.

    • Increase confidence in speaking publicly: articulate clear questions and ideas in class discussion;

    • Transfer and share core values, experiences and effective teaching practices with other teachers and colleagues;

    • Provide teachers with an insight into Porto and Portuguese culture and heritage.

Daily Program*

  • Welcome dinner,icebreaking
  • Meet & greet, networking – participants and staff
  • Week briefing & planning
  • Introduction to soft skills and their importance in the teaching profession
  • Exploring key soft skills for educators: communication, empathy, adaptability & teamwork
  • Interactive activities and discussions on the significance of soft skills in fostering student success
  • Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Active listening exercises and strategies for promoting student engagement
  • Role-playing scenarios to practice effective communication in classroom settings
  • Feedback sessions for improving communication proficiency
  • Understanding the role of empathy in building strong teacher-student relationships
  • Strategies for fostering empathy and understanding diverse student needs
  • Developing adaptability skills to navigate various teaching challenges & changing educational environments
  • Case studies and group discussions on applying empathy and adaptability in real-life teaching scenarios
  • Motivation, persuasion, negotiation and leadership 
  • Motivating oneself
  • The art of persuasion: from persuasion to negotiation
  • Leadership and motivating others
  • Importance of collaboration and teamwork among educators
  • Building effective teamwork skills through collaborative activities and group projects
  • Strategies for creating a supportive & collaborative classroom environment
  • Essential & vocational skills: survival strategies
  • Managing time, stress, resilience
  • Work-life balance
  • Course roundup & review
  • Learning outcomes’ validation
  • Certification Ceremony
*This schedule/ program describes likely activities but may differ based on the trainer's discretion and objectives.

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Highly trained and motivated coach, nice colleagues, new aspects of teaching techniques.


/ Hungary

Great experience. The trainer was very adequate, communicative. Great interaction between the trainer and the participants. A very good programme... Thank you for everything!


/ Greece

Great! Keep up the good work and enthusiasm! Bravo!


/ Romania

I enriched my communication techniques. Learned tips to use in class or meetings. Learned more about soft skills and became a better speaker!


/ Greece

I enjoyed the course very much. The structure and all the activities were amazing. Thank you so much!


/ Estonia

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