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Job Shadowing in the Erasmus+ Program

Job shadowing within the Erasmus+ Program is a type of short-term mobility format. It is a professional development activity that involves observing and learning from experienced educators in their classrooms and schools.


Benefits and Expectations for Teachers

Within the Erasmus+ Program, job shadowing opportunities are available to teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills, develop new teaching methodologies, and gain an international perspective on education. During a job shadowing experience, a teacher will typically spend a period observing and working alongside a host teacher in a different country. This allows them to observe different teaching styles, classroom management techniques and approaches to student engagement and motivation. In addition to observing and learning from the host teacher, job shadowing participants may also have the opportunity to attend other school activities and seminars and engage in cultural activities and experiences.

The Erasmus+ Program aims to provide teachers with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and knowledge, while also promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration in education. Through job shadowing experiences, teachers can gain valuable insights and perspectives that can enhance their teaching practice and benefit their students. We expect teachers to develop professional skills and learn and share different cultures while learning from different work situations and environments.

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Job Shadowing Process

  • Contact Learning Together
  • Job Shadowing Design according to participants' objectives
  • Contact Partners and Logistics
  • Final Plan and Pricing sent for approval
  • Welcome Teachers!

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