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Vocational Education and Training within Erasmus+

Nowadays, professional work requires students to be more in use of practical tools when finishing their studies.  

VET (Vocational Education and Training) system helps students by giving them a solid technical and vocational foundation in a variety of sectors which also aids in professional growth.This system combines creative concepts with vocational components, significantly increasing students’ employability after the program.


Our Involvement

Learning Together seeks strategies to ensure that all interns experience opportunities to enhance their employability through relevant vocational training and skills development, preparing future generations for a productive, fulfilling life. 

Furthermore, endowing students with the core skills that enable them to continue lifelong learning. We expect them to develop not only professional skills but also to learn and share ideas with different cultures while learning how to face and handle different work situations and environments. 

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EfVET Member

Learning Together is a member of The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, which strives for the exchange of good practices and value in VET and Lifelong Learning.

Available Areas of Expertise

Business & Administration

Business Administrative Services, Office Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Analysis

ICT & Digital

Computer Networking, Programming, Computer Repair, Information Technology, Computer Science

Social Services

Residential Care, Hospice Care, Adult Daycare, Assisted Living, and Home Care

Hospitality & Tourism

Hotels, Local Lodging, Hospitality Management and Services

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Operations and Logistic Funnels
Reduce Time to Market Quickly and Securely

Commerce & Marketing

Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Retail Management, Sales


Food preparation, Restaurants, Take-Away, Portuguese & Mediterranean Cuisine, Bakeries and Pastries

Fashion Design & Tailoring

Clothing Design, Modeling and Production

Our VET Process


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VET Design
& Budget


Final Draft Sent to Schools Approval


Brief Partners
& Logistics


Welcome Trainees!

Included Services

Our services for VET mobilities can include: 

  • Introduction seminar;
  • Tutoring and mentoring;
  • Europass Mobility;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Work orientation sessions;
  • Transfer to and from the airport;
  • Local Transport;
  • Manage Full board accommodation;
  • Cultural activities.

Internship in Portugal

Join us for impactful, hands-on internships, driving professional growth, sharing best practices, and fostering global cooperation in education and training through VET Erasmus+. Let’s shape a brighter future together!

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Our VET schools

Design Gymanasiet partners school to VET at Learning Together
Sallynoggin College of Further Education partners school to VET at Learning Together
Design Gymanasiet partners school to VET at Learning Together
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