Schools’ funding is calculated largely on a per-pupil basis. A reduction in enrolment will mean a reduction in funding. Your school is under a new microscope. The marketing and communications strategies that used to work for your school or district, may not be as successful because the landscape has completely changed.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Schools

Course summary

Porto, Portugal

6 days

Erasmus+ KA1


Schools’ funding is calculated largely on a per-pupil basis. A reduction in enrolment will mean a reduction in funding.

Schools need to successfully differentiate themselves to stand out, and the school website is the online shop front!

Moreover, schools must also recognise the need to allocate appropriate resources to digital marketing.

Success requires an integrated digital marketing strategy targeted at parents looking for a school for their children. Understanding how the school should be using their website, social media and internet marketing to grow their online presence and attract more parents (and ultimately students) is absolutely critical in today’s competitive marketplace.


Furthermore, it is even an opportunity to help you disseminate and promote your work and the knowledge you collected in Erasmus+ training abroad to the whole school community.


A good understanding of your school’s objectives is the first step in creating a digital marketing strategy. Without knowing what your school is aiming for, it won´t be enough to give you the chance to succeed. Make your school goals as specific and clear as possible!

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Pricing Details

Our pricing policy follows the official regulations on transparent costs.

The costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

Course fee: 520 euros per participant (6-day course).


  • Learning Together’s Welcome Kit;
  • A Daily Program designed by our trainers;
  • Welcome Dinner to meet your new colleagues;
  • Cultural Heritage Day: Guided Porto visit;
  • Daily Coffee Break;
  • Logistic, organizational and administrative support from headquarters;
  • Daily assistance and on-call support throughout the whole week.
  • Target Audience
    This course is designed for a wide range of educational professionals including teachers, trainers, educational and career counsellors, school psychologists, headmasters, school administrators, and staff across primary, lower-secondary, and secondary schools. It also caters to professionals in training centers, adult education schools, higher education institutions, and NGOs.
  • Additional Info
    Please note that the course may have participants from various school levels and English proficiency.
    Course Language: English
    Equipment required: Laptop

Course Objetives

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide an overview of digital marketing and empower you to grow your current marketing knowledge;
  • Develop and acquire effective skills to improve your school’s current presence on digital channels ( Blog, Facebook, Linkedin and other tools). By integrating social media into the school website in an engaging way, schools can also drive traffic to it and push out content through social media platforms;
  • Create stronger connections between schools and communities, increase website visitors and enhance the school’s overall online presence;
  • Improve ICT skills;
  • Create/continue to implement an action plan to make schools and communities more sustainable;
  • Apply and/or adapt different concepts, ideas, and teaching methodologies to the ones practised in participants’ home country;
  • Facilitate experience and cultural exchanges between European participants and Portuguese teaching personnel, which results in a fruitful international experience;
  • Enhance communicative competencies in English and social skills;
  • Promote intercultural awareness;
  • Learn more about Portugal’s and Porto’s culture, heritage and society;
  • Identify & share good practices that can be implemented at a local level.

Daily Program*

  • Welcome dinner,icebreaking
  • Meet & greet, networking – participants and staff
  • Week briefing & planning
  • Teachers & students: a reflection onthe importance of the relationshipbetween learners & facilitators
  • Levels of communication
  • Communication models
  • Practical group work and exercises 
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Content & Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC) Using Google Ads
  • Display and Video Advertising 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Website Optimization
  • Analytics – using Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Building a Digital Strategy 
  • Website Optimization ✓ SEO ✓ Search Engine Marketing [SEM, including Google Ads, advanced Facebook & Instagram advertising & remarketing campaigns] ✓ Audience Mapping
  • Email Marketing Automation ✓ Blogging, Podcasting, Video Storytelling, traveller journey &
    other rich content mappings ✓ Social Media Integration – optimize content and social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn
  • Data Analytics & Reporting ✓ Tools & Technology, including web chat, messenger bots and beyond 
  • Development work
  • Work presentations
  • Course roundup & review
  • Learning outcomes’ validation
  • Certification Ceremony
*This schedule/ program describes likely activities but may differ based on the trainer's discretion and objectives.

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I had a great time with great people. The trainer is remarkable person and i will be keeping good memories about him and the course.


/ Bulgaria

I enjoyed the course. It was an interesting and I learned a lot about digital marketing and how to you use it for my school. The teacher is professional and gives examples how to put into practise.


/ Netherlands

A completely enriching experience. I recommend it 100% to all my colleagues.


/ Spain

The trainer is an excellent instructor! Everything he explained was so clear and understandable. Incredible!


/ Cyprus

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