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Lisbon, Portugal

7-day Course

Erasmus+ KA1

Schools are complex organizations of structures and cultures reflecting the values of those who lead and work in them. Your staff, as individuals, have different skills, different ideas and different ways of working. Managing people involves dealing with life choices, and human emotions and developing a greater level of personal effectiveness.

Effective school team management strengthens leadership, improves teaching, and learning and increases job satisfaction.

With this course you’ll be able to:

  • Learn some essential strategies for managing individuals and teams, leading and enhancing team performance through delegation, coaching, effective prioritisation and able decision-making;
  • Become more confident and gain essential people management skills to motivate and inspire performance in your school/training center/organization.
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Course Duration and Costs

All costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

This is a 7-Day course – of which Learning Together charges 660 euros per participant (A+B).

For a 7-day course, the course fee is 560 EUR per participant, for tuition and materials (7-day course x 80,00 EUR per day). This can be covered with the course fee that you receive with your KA1 grant: 80 EUR/day/person.


The course fee for our 2022 courses has been adjusted to meet the new KA1 grant budget (Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027). Before, sending organisations received 70€/day/person for course fees. Now, the new KA1 grant provides 80€/day/person.

Payment of 100 EUR per participant (total amount).

This fee also includes our social program, which you can see below.


In the previous Erasmus+ programme, each educational organisation also received 350 EUR per participant for organisational support. Learning Together only charged 150 EUR for administration and organisation costs (local organisation and logistics, pedagogical support activities, learning validation, certification and Europass Mobility validation). With the new programme, the organisational support fees are now a standard 100 EUR per person – however, they can vary according to project type (job-shadowing, long-term,…). 

    • Cultural Heritage day: guided visit to the city of Lisbon;
    • 7 Hills River Cruise;
    • Belém Lisbon Bus Tour;
    • Modern Lisbon Bus Tour.

Course Objetives

The course’s main goal is to handle the key factors that will ensure productivity, engagement, and growth, as well as a leader’s role in building trust, removing roadblocks, nurturing connections with team members, and setting clear goals. It is designed to enable leaders to reflect on the importance of teams to operations, leadership and management, to foster people development and reward and motivate individuals, and nurture talent. Furthermore, it will also help Identify and implement strategies to increase i) teams’ effectiveness and impact, ii) teamworking in delivering the organisations/school/training center´s vision.

Learning outcomes:

  • Analyse different workplace communication styles;
  • Identify different behavioural types (internal and external);
  • Communicate clearly under pressure;
  • Reset expectations to avoid causing disappointment;
  • Analyse how the brain responds to pressure;
  • Respond to challenges (rather than instantaneously react);
  • Use paraphrasing techniques to check for understanding;
  • Identify communication hotspots;
  • Build levels of resilience to help people bounce back quicker;
  • Effectively manage communication breakdowns;
  • Agree to communication action plans;

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