Portuguese for Everyday Life

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Porto, Portugal

6-day Course

Erasmus+ KA1

There are an estimated 230 million speakers of Portuguese, which puts it firmly in the sixth most widely spoken language.
There are Portuguese-speaking territories on five continents: Europe, South America (Brazil), Africa (Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola, Mozambique) Asia (Macau (China)) Goa, Daman and Diu (India); on six if we count East Timor as part of Australasia.

  • Fastest growing language in Europe (with Spanish).
  • Widely spoken, though not official, in Andorra, Luxembourg, Paraguay, South Africa, and Namibia.
  • Working and/or official language in important international organizations (African Union, the Community of Portuguese
  • Language Countries, the European Union, and Mercosul, the Organization of American States, the Organization of IberoAmerican States, and the Union of South American Nations)
  • It is estimated that 1.3 million native speakers of Portuguese live in the USA.

If you contact or work with people coming from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique or Portuguese Communities, this is the ideal course for you.

This course is intended for people who want to learn Portuguese.

We invite you to learn Portuguese in Porto while enjoying a fabulous stay in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.


Landscape of Porto with its boats, river and people

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Course Duration and Costs

All costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

For a 6-day course, Learning Together charges 580 euros per participant (A+B).

For our 6-day course, the course fee is 480 EUR per participant, for tuition and materials (6-day course x 80,00 EUR per day). This can be covered with the course fee that you receive with your KA1 grant: 80 EUR / day / person.


The course fee for our 2022 courses has been adjusted to meet the new KA1 grant budget (Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027). Before, sending organisations received 70€/day/person for course fees. Now, the new KA1 grant provides 80€/day/person.

Payment of 100 EUR per participant (total amount).

This fee also includes our social program, which you can see below.


In the previous Erasmus+ programme, each educational organisation also received 350 EUR per participant for organisational support. Learning Together only charged 150 EUR for administration and organisation costs (local organisation and logistics, pedagogical support activities, learning validation, certification and Europass Mobility validation). With the new programme, the organisational support fees are now a standard 100 EUR per person – however, they can vary according project type (job-sadowing, long-term,…). 

  • Cultural Heritage day: Guided visit to the city of Porto;
  • Hop On & Hop Off Tour Bus;
  • Visit to” Ribeira” and 6 Bridges River Cruise;
  • Visit to the Port Wine Cellars & Wine Tasting Experience.

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Course Objetives

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and use different expressions and announcements, allowing them to fulfill specific communication needs. 

  • Know how to communicate in various situational contexts. 

  • Comprehend the foreign language with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short conversations 

  • Write different typology of texts in Portuguese language. 

  • Practise the structures of Portuguese language. 

  • Show openness and awareness of multiculturalism and multilingualism of our wide Europe.

  • The training class will focus on showing students the richness of the Portuguese cultural, historic and literary heritage.

Daily Program*

  • Welcome dinner,icebreaking
  • Meet & greet, networking – participants and staff
  • Week briefing & planning
  • Images of Portuguese Culture & Society
  • Relevant Vocabulary on socialising (Personal Information and Jobs, Describing People,
    Relatives, Personal Feelings). 
  • Grammar content
  • Cultural Heritage day and City tour – patrimony observation, taking photos of
    places and signs for later study
  •  Field project: Discover special places in town using APP on android or iphone 
  • Language Focus on Food and Drinks (Healthy Diet, Restaurants, Menu, Prices) and Daily Activities
  • Useful vocabulary connected with Travel and transport ( Places in the City, Weather, Means
    of transport)
  • Visit Mercado do Bolhão and buying some fruits for the Boat trip
  • Let´s ask for a coffee at Majestic Café
  • Visit to the Port Wine cellars
  • Make a short film or video
  • Describing accommodation’s types of Hotels, Booking, Facilities
  • Pay a visit to Casa da Música and Foz 
  • Shopping Vocabulary and useful Phrases – Where to buy what (Shops, Goods, Payment, Complaints) and Social formulas
  • Performing a play
  • Work presentations
  • Course roundup & review
  • Learning outcomes’ validation
  • Certification Ceremony
*This schedule/ program describes likely activities but may differ based on the trainer's discretion and objectives.

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