There is no Planet B


Course summary

First of all , climate change education provides an important window into individual and societal responsibility.

This course is designed to different levels and diverse subject areas to introduce climate change education for sustainable development across the curriculum, we all need to understand what and how to teach about the complex forces driving climate change as well as its impacts on culture, security and well-being of our lives and they to come.

We all have to change.

Course objectives

Teachers have an important role to take forward a whole-school response to climate change that includes addressing climate and sustainability across the curriculum, it needs to build upon the participatory learning approaches called for by education for sustainable development, taking learning out of the classroom and into the community

How can climate change education and  Environmental  Sustainability  be part of the school curriculum?

Learning outcomes:


  • Explain how the concept of sustainability applies at a local, regional, national, and global level

  • Explain how systems theory applies to sustainability

  • Explain the concepts of ecological and carbon footprints and personal footprints

  • Analyse the effects of humans on the planet – past, present, and future

  • Create and implement a plan to reduce personal/ school ecological or carbon footprints  (energy, waste, water, and transportation)

  • Identify and compare strategies to influence behavioural change

  • Create or continue to implement an action plan/ activity to make schools and/or communities more sustainable

  • Language and technical terms of Environmental Sustainability 

  • Skills in measuring the environmental footprint;

  • Promoting universal access to education and enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies and promote EU’s linguistic diversity.

  • Improving communication skills in English.

Location and Dates

In Porto – Portugal ​​

  • 24.10.2021 to 29.10.2021 PRE-CONFIRMED!

  • 28.11.2021 to 04.12.2021 

  • 01.05.2022 to 06.05.2022 

  • 17.07.2022 to 22.07.2022 

  • 27.11.2022 to 02.12.2022 

  • 05.05.2023 to 10.05.2023 

  • 16.07.2023 to 21.07.2023

  • 26.11.2023 to 01.12.2023



Course Duration and Costs


All costs of our courses can be supported with a grant under KA1 of the Erasmus+ programme.

Learning Together charges for a 6 days course 570 euros per participant (A+B)

Notice: The course fee for our 2022 courses will be adjusted to meet the new KA1 grant budget (Erasmus+ Program 2021-2027).

Before, sending organisations received 70€/day/person for course fees. Now, the new KA1 grant provides 80€/day/person.
Sending organisations also receive 350€/person for organisational support to cover organisational & administration costs from the Hosting organisation.

A - Course fee and Duration:

for our 6 days course, the price fee is 420 euro for tuition and materials (6 day course x 70,00 Euros per day). This is covered with the course fee that you get with your KA1 grant: 70 euro per day.

B - Organizational Support: Payment of 150 EUR per participant (total amount).

Each educational organization also receives 350 Euros per participant for organizational support.  Learning Together will only charge you 150 Euros for administration and organization costs (Local organization, pedagogic support activities, learning validation, certification and Europass Mobility validation). This fee also includes the social program below.

Social Program

  • Cultural Heritage day: Guide visit to the city of Porto;

  • Visit to” Ribeira” and Boat Trip;

  • Visit to Port Wine Cellars.


To be paid by yourself from the KA1 grant


  • Your grant covers travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course.


  • Your accommodation and meals will be assured through "Individual Support".                                                              The amount that you receive to cover the costs of your stay depends on the country that you choose. The range for Portugal is between 60-120 Euros per day and participant. This amount covers your stay at hotel and your meals. Learning Together doesn´t book your stay at the hotel, but we can give you tips and advice for your booking. Plenty of restaurants are available on the city for your daily meals. This option allows you to explore more freely our city, hotels, restaurants and course travels.