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House with Blue tiles in Lisbon
Lisbon is one of the most visited European capitals and a great place to visit. Its diverse options make it a destination for all tastes, from beach lovers eager to tan in the sun and surf in the Atlantic Ocean, to culture vultures who want to explore its many museums and monuments. In Lisbon, you will find ancient architecture as well as modern buildings, tiny boutique cobblestone streets and wide affluent avenues.

Lisbon is a city where modern meets history, the people are friendly and the food is absolutely delicious. The city has very good shopping and dining options. The Portuguese capital mixes several architectural styles including Baroque and Manueline, due to its long history as an important centre of culture.
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Founded in 1147, Lisbon is the westernmost capital city in continental Europe, located on the Tejo River's estuary, and serves as the country's major port, biggest metropolis, and commercial, political, and tourism center.

Belém Tower in Lisbon
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Lisbon won in 2019 the World Travel Awards as Europe’s Best City Break Destination. But it’s more than just a super-Instagrammable city, but it’s also a thriving hub for digital entrepreneurs, online businesses and creative nomads, giving the city this incredible buzz. There’s been a start-up boom, with the local government creating incentives to invite tech and manufacturing businesses. The popular Web Summit is now committed to host its annual event in Lisbon for the next 10 years. And there’s been a rise of trendy shops, cool cafés, coworking spaces, rooftop bars, turning once-dilapidated spaces into lively, vibrant social venues.
Lisbon balances the old and new, the vintage and the modern. For history lovers, Lisbon makes for a fascinating trip, as it’s the second oldest capital city in Europe, next to Athens. That said, you can get lost in its untouched hilltop neighbourhoods of Alfama, Castelo and Cathedral districts, with labyrinthine streets, fortified ramparts, castles and walls that have been preserved for centuries. There are colourful houses and beautiful tiles everywhere. And yet, when you look elsewhere, Lisbon also offers modern infrastructure, in design, in transport, a trendy lifestyle (see LxFactory). We also reflect this on our boutique hotel and apartments, balancing Lisbon’s charming details with a feel for modernity.
Another award on the Lisbon mantle is the European Green Capital of 2020, as given by the European Commission. It’s another reason to love Lisbon, as the city moves towards a better, more sustainable future. There’s been recently a great movement to clean up the city air and promote more green spaces, and Lisbon has done exactly that. With the local Municipal Hall focusing on bringing more electric cars on the streets, safe bike lanes, opening new ventures for electric mobility scooters and bikes for greener commuting and lifestyle, the city has mounted new projects for a greener urban living.

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It’s no secret that the Portuguese culture is so associated with food that every celebration means an opportunity to celebrate life with eating, drinking and being merry. There’s a great variety of restaurants in Lisbon, offering delightful dishes of seafood, grilled or stewed meat, pickled vegetables and rustic concoctions. Expect bacalhau, or codfish, mouth-watering sausages and cheeses, paired with excellent wines from Lisboa or Alentejo or Douro regions. Lisbon certainly knows how to live well.
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