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Course summary

Porto, Portugal

6 days

Erasmus+ KA1


This course is appropriate for participants who seek to develop new English language skills (especially speaking fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation).

Participants will improve and enrich their English knowledge in selected aspects of the language and as a means of communication in class and in everyday situations. 

Furthermore, we intent to update and deepen the understanding of teaching methodologies and practical teaching skills and techniques.

The course focuses on practical classroom activities and resources, providing participants with a refreshing variety of teaching techniques.

Objectives: this course aims to provide educators with opportunities to revitalize their English knowledge (beginner level), as well as reinforce their confidence on using and speaking the language. As a result of attending this course, participants will be more knowledgeable, confident and fluent English users.

in english erasmus course ka1

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Pricing Details

Our pricing policy follows the official regulations on transparent costs.

The costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

Course fee: 580 euros per participant (6-day course).


  • Learning Together’s Welcome Kit;
  • A Daily Program designed by our trainers;
  • Welcome Dinner to meet your new colleagues;
  • Social and Cultural Heritage Activities integrated into networking and social dynamics:
    • Cultural Heritage Day: Guided Porto visit;
    • Hop On & Hop Off Tour Bus;
    • 6 Bridges River Cruise;
    • Visit to the Port Wine Cellars & Wine Tasting Experience.
  • Daily Coffee Break;
  • Logistic, organizational and administrative support from headquarters;
  • Daily assistance and on-call support throughout the whole week.

Course Objetives

Our trainer uses practical and innovative methodologies, and our participants get to learn in a positive environment, with different and exciting learning approaches! This course can be both for participants to develop their English (beginner), or for English teachers to apply different and more interactive teaching techniques in the classroom.


Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance and refresh linguistic skills;

  • Enrich oral communication skills;

  • Introduce creative ideas to make classes livelier and interactive;

  • Implement practical activities for teaching challenging classes;

  • Enhance participants’ knowledge, skills and competencies relating to their work practice;

  • Increase confidence in speaking publicly: articulate clear questions and ideas in class discussion;

  • Transfer and share core values, experiences and effective teaching practices with other teachers and colleagues;

  • Provide teachers with an insight into Porto culture and heritage.

Daily Program*

  • Welcome dinner,icebreaking
  • Meet & greet, networking – participants and staff
  • Week briefing & planning
  • Needs analysis and goal setting
  • Fluency workshop
  • Language Focus
  • English in Action: Project Selection and Planning
  • The format of a good lesson
  • Generating creative language learning experiences and outcomes 
  • Grammar – Current idiomatic language
  • Vocabulary: tips for Learning & Teaching Vocabulary
  • Listening: cooperative story telling
  • Drama & Role-play: using Film and Drama in class 
  • Literature and Identity
  • Pronunciation – ideas and activities
  • English Language Training
  • Pronunciation workshop
  • Grammar: the grammar of words and the Lexical Approach
  • Fluency workshop
  • Using authentic materials in the classroom effectively 
  • Presentation of “My best lesson”
  • Future cooperation and planning follow up activities (discussion)
  • Course roundup & review
  • Learning outcomes’ validation
  • Certification Ceremony 
*This schedule/ program describes likely activities but may differ based on the trainer's discretion and objectives.

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