Digital Literacy for Teachers: Navigating ICT

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Madeira, Portugal

7 days

Erasmus+ KA1


Welcome to “Digital Literacy for Teachers: Navigating ICT”! This course equips educators with the knowledge and skills to integrate ICT and digital tools effectively. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology integration has the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning experiences, preparing students for the future.

Throughout this course, we explore the significance of ICT in education and the benefits it offers. Practical strategies for integrating digital tools into lesson planning are emphasized, enabling participants to create engaging and personalized learning experiences.

Collaboration and communication are vital skills in the digital age. This course addresses how technology enhances student interactions, covering online collaboration platforms, communication tools, and considerations for virtual classrooms and remote learning.

Assessment and reflection are key components of education. Participants learn how to evaluate the impact of ICT integration on student engagement and learning outcomes. They also explore formative and summative assessment strategies using digital tools.

By the end of this course, educators are empowered to embrace ICT and digital tools as transformative elements in their teaching practice. They possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create engaging and inclusive classrooms that foster critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the possibilities of ICT and digital tools in education, preparing educators to inspire the next generation of learners.

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Pricing Details

Our pricing policy follows the official regulations on transparent costs.

The costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

Course fee: 660 euros per participant (7-day course).


  • Learning Together’s Welcome Kit;
  • A Daily Program designed by our trainers;
  • Welcome Dinner to meet your new colleagues;
  • Social and Cultural Heritage Activities;
  • Daily Coffee Break;
  • Logistic, organizational and administrative support from headquarters;
  • Daily assistance and on-call support throughout the whole week.

Course Objetives

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of ICT and digital tools in modern education.
  • Explore various digital tools and their applications in different educational contexts.
  • Develop strategies to integrate ICT effectively into their teaching practices.
  • Enhance their digital literacy skills and adapt them to support student learning.
  • Design engaging and interactive learning experiences using digital tools.
  • Foster collaboration and communication among students through technology.
  • Evaluate the impact of ICT integration on student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Address challenges and considerations related to ICT implementation in the classroom.
  • Stay updated with emerging trends and best practices in educational technology.
  • Develop an action plan for implementing ICT and digital tools in their own teaching practice.
  • Identify and share good practices that can be implemented at a local level.
  • Enhance communicative competence in English.

Daily Program*

  • Welcome dinner, icebreaking
  • Meet & greet, networking – participants and staff
  • Week briefing & planning
  • Introduction to the course and learning objectives
  • Importance of ICT in the modern education landscape
  • Benefits and challenges of integrating ICT in teaching
  • Exploring various digital tools and their educational applications
  • Strategies for integrating digital tools into lesson planning
  • Creating interactive multimedia presentations
  • Gamification and interactive learning platforms
  • Online collaboration tools and platforms
  • Communication tools for engaging student interactions
  • Virtual classrooms and remote learning considerations
  • Evaluating the impact of ICT on student engagement and learning outcomes
  • Formative and summative assessment strategies using digital tools
  • Reflecting on challenges and best practices for sustainable implementation
  • Group work and presentations
  • Course roundup & review
  • Learning outcomes’ validation
  • Certification Ceremony

Social Activities Program in beautiful Funchal, Madeira

  • Disclosed upon course’s beginning.


*This schedule/ program describes likely activities but may differ based on the trainer's discretion and objectives.

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