This course aims to equip participants with technical skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. It focuses on applying NLP techniques to enhance personal development and professional coaching practices,

NLP Coaching For Educators

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Lisbon, Portugal

6 days

Erasmus+ KA1


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Course Description

This course aims to equip participants with technical skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. It focuses on applying NLP techniques to enhance personal development and professional coaching practices, fostering effective communication, behavior modification, and cognitive awareness among educators and professionals.

This comprehensive course is designed to empower educators and professionals with technical skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. 

Participants will explore the synergistic potential of NLP techniques within coaching frameworks to enhance communication, behavior change, and cognitive development. 

The program integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, preparing attendees to apply these transformative skills in their educational practices and professional interactions effectively.

Join us for an immersive course that will help you push your coaching and communication skills to the next level!

Coaching with NLP in Schools

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Pricing and Activities

Costs can be supported with a Key Action grant under the Erasmus+ Program. Our pricing policy follows the official regulations on transparent costs. 

Course fee: 580 euros per participant (6-day course).

What is Included?

  • Target Audience
    This course is designed for a wide range of educational professionals including teachers, trainers, educational and career counsellors, school psychologists, headmasters, school administrators, and staff across primary, lower-secondary, secondary schools and higher education. It also caters to professionals in training centers, adult education schools, higher education institutions, and NGOs.
  • Certification
    Participants who attend at least 80% of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
  • Additional Info
    Please note that the course may have participants from various school levels and English proficiency.
    Course Language: English

Course Goals

Learning outcomes:

  • NLP Mastery: Gain in-depth knowledge of both foundational and advanced NLP techniques.
  • Coaching Skills Enhancement: Learn to incorporate NLP strategies into coaching practices to improve engagement and outcomes.
  • Personalized Coaching Models: Develop and refine personal coaching styles that integrate NLP for targeted interventions.
  • Effective Communication: Enhance abilities to influence and motivate others through improved communication techniques.
  • Professional Growth: Formulate a continuing development plan that utilizes NLP to foster ongoing professional and personal growth.
  • Engage with and influence others.
  • Use your new skills to improve your well-being and meet your interaction goals with others;
  • Practice language, social and communicative skills.
  • Transfer and share core values, experiences and effective teaching practices with other teachers and colleagues.
  • Promote intercultural awareness.
  • Improve English language skills.

Daily Program*

  • Welcome Session – dinner and icebreaking.
  • Meet & greet, networking – participants and staff.
  • Week briefing & planning.
  • Overview of Coaching and its relevance in education. 
  • Introduction to NLP basics.
  • Core principles of NLP and how they can be applied to teaching.
  • Interactive group activities to practice observational skills.
  • Techniques for effective communication.
  • Using language patterns and body language to build rapport with students.
  • Practical exercises in active listening and empathy.
  • Role-playing scenarios to enhance understanding and engagement.
  • Strategies for goal setting in educational settings.
  • The SMART goals framework adapted for student achievement.
  • Techniques for motivating students using NLP methods. 
  • Workshop on creating motivational classroom environments.
  • Identifying and managing challenging behaviors in the classroom using NLP techniques.
  • Case studies and problem-solving sessions.
  • Techniques for facilitating behavioral change in students.
  • Planning how to integrate coaching and NLP techniques into daily teaching practices.
  • Peer coaching sessions where participants practice their new skills with each other. 
  • Feedback and reflection on learning outcomes.
  • Course roundup and review.
  • Learning outcomes’ validation and evaluation.
  • Certification Ceremony.
*This schedule/ program describes likely activities but may differ based on the trainer's discretion and objectives.

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