About our Methodologies

At Learning Together, we understand that the merits of an international experience or skill development are not just important for students, learners and volunteers.


Our teachers and trainers can also benefit from exchanges that foster long-term pedagogical innovation. This, in turn, reinforces teachers and coaches themselves, their peers and students, and society more broadly.


Through formal and non-formal learning initiatives in Europe and abroad, Erasmus + encourages exposure, exchange and capacity building in teaching, training and youth work. The positive impact of these results can already be seen, especially in terms of our team's mobility and collaboration between Portuguese and foreign organizations.


For Learning Together, participating in Erasmus + exchange experiences, as well as sharing activities or training in another European country, is a major factor in filling gaps in national education systems. In fact, more than 88 percent of higher education principals see employee mobility as an effective means of driving best practice and knowledge acquisition among teachers and students.


Cooperation projects between education, training and youth organizations, also involving companies, are also essential to make our education and training systems more relevant to students and more adapted to the needs of society. This is also a dimension that we integrate.


We believe that Erasmus + cooperation projects provide a platform for a multicultural discussion on teaching methodology, so all our mentors and trainers have a wide European and international experience in this area. The opportunity to be able to exchange experiences and visions with representatives from different European countries on the most diverse areas of knowledge is a great value for our work.


These opportunities are always sources of inspiration in the advancements in improving teaching methods, which are important even for project management in the organizations participating in our courses.


With the Erasmus + 2020 calls approaching, don't miss the opportunity to embark on an international experience that allows you to leverage your skills and projects for the next challenge.

About our vision and insights