Course summary



Nowadays, bullying is a frequent threat to the physical and mental integrity of our students, especially in the teenager years.

This type of school violence is evidenced through a set of aggressive, intentional and repetitive behaviors, individual or collective initiative of students, addressed to one or several other students. The adolescent (or child) is subject to insults, jokes, ridicule, vexatious attitudes, negative nicknames, etc.

However, cyber bullying also begins to make more frequent the use and diffusion of defamatory information in electronic form, through social networks and other means, by an individual or group that intentionally, and repetitively, intends to cause ill-being in another. The vast majority of children and young people have access to the Internet at home, have a computer, tablet or smartphones and are online permanently. Without the monitoring and information of parents and teachers, children become more vulnerable in an extremely complex and dangerous world. Cyber safety and prevention mechanisms can be important tools to reduce the occurrence of these social phenomena.


Course objectives


The aims of this course is to sensitize teachers about the potential risks and impacts of such actions on the psychological and physical health of young students as well as their human dignity. The course also aims to train teachers in the prevention, detection and action of threats of this nature, so that, with a view to dissemination of good practices, Bullying and Cyberbullying can be considerably reduced, dissuading this culture among children and adolescents and as soon as possible, the official mechanisms for monitoring these threats, where necessary.


Learning outcomes:


•         To recognize the warning signs for bullying;

•         To know the impact on the psychic and physical health of the affected young people, on the academic performance and on the               welfare of the family;

•         Know the profile and the group dynamics of the aggressor or the aggressors;

•         Know how to avoid offenders;

•         Know how to fend off attackers;

•         Knowing how to deal with bullies;

•         Cyber bullying: prevention and intervention in social networks, electronic mail, messages (text and multimedia), publication of videos and photographs on electronic platforms for the dissemination of content;

•         Understand the institutions, mechanisms and performance obligations in Europe.



Beside learning outcomes:


•         Improve their ICT skills 

•         Reinforcing self-awareness as a European citizen

•         Improve communication and social skills

•         Promoting intercultural awareness

•         Improve language skills





Location and Dates


In Porto – Portugal


  • 30 Aug 2020 to 04 Sep 2020

  • 29 Aug 2021 to 03 Sep 2021




Course Duration and Costs


All costs of our courses can be supported with a grant under KA1 of the Erasmus+programme.

Learning Together charges for a 6 days course 570 euros per participant (A+B).

A - Course fee and Duration:

For our 6 days course, the price fee is 420 euro for tuition and materials (6 day course x 70,00 Euros per day ). This is covered with the course fee that you get with your KA1 grant: 70 euro per day.

B - Organizational Support:

Payment of 150 EUR per participant (total amount). Each educational organization also receives 350 Euros per participant for organizational support. Learning Together will only charge you 150 Euros for administration and organization costs (Local organization, pedagogic support activities, learning validation, certification and Europass Mobility validation). This fee also includes the social program below.


Social Program
Cultural Heritage day : Guide visit to the city of Porto;
- Visit 
to” Ribeira” and Boat Trip; 

- Visit to the Port Wine Cellars.



To be paid by yourself from the KA1 grant


  • Your grant covers travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course.


  • Your accommodation and meals will be assured through "Individual Support".                                                              The amount that you receive to cover the costs of your stay depends on the country that you choose. The range for Portugal is between 60-120 Euros per day and participant. This amount covers your stay at hotel and your meals. Learning Together doesn´t book your stay at the hotel, but we can give you tips and advice for your booking. Plenty of restaurants are available on the city for your daily meals. This option allows you to explore more freely our city, hotels, restaurants and course travels.