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Science & Technology

This course is designed to different levels and diverse subject areas to introduce climate change education…

Explore the free MILAGE Learning+ platform, developed to help mathematics teachers (but can be used for other subjects too)… 

Promote the use of games in educational context and the use of gamification strategies to engage the students in the learning process.

Success requires an integrated digital marketing strategy targeted at parents looking for a school for their children…

What are the challenges that schools face nowadays to respond to the need of improving digital and scientific skills?…

Promote the use of games in educational context and the use of gamification strategies to engage the students in the learning process.

The aims of this course is to sensitize teachers about the potential risks and impacts of such actions on the psychological and physical health…

The course provides knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages, but also with a very practical use of video tools in classroom….

Cybersecurity is an extraordinarily important prerequisite for making the most of the opportunities offered by the Internet…

Computational thinking helps you to develop logical processing and algorithmic thinking while solving real-world problems across a wide range of domains.

TI–Nspire-CX technology allows teachers to create dynamic and shared learning scenarios, making it easier for their students to understand the content.

Culture & Integration

This course aims to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding and promoting distinctive culture, cuisine, arts and sustainable tourism assets.

This course is for all those who are interested to improve their intercultural competences and learn interactive methods to support integration of learners from different cultures into a collaborating team. 

Building a sense of belonging among EU citizens undoubtedly involves deepening the development of initiatives and the widespread incorporation of European themes into school curricula.

Skills & Communications

The main goal of the course is to create trust, motivate and empower teams. We need to empower the positive values in the system even if the conditions are not ideal and even if we have to deal with cultural diversity.

The course focuses on bettering the classroom techniques and practical activities that teachers can use, whilst expanding their ideas so that they can teach engaging and informative lessons. 

It is only through communication skills that a teacher can introduce creative and effective solutions to the students’ problems…

Design thinking is about believing we can make a difference, to stimulate innovation and having an intentional process in order to get to new, relevant solutions that create positive impact.

Participants will improve and enrich their knowledge of English in selected aspects of the language and as a means of communication in class and in everyday situations.

This course is appropriate for English teachers who want to enrich their teaching practice by being in touch with ideas that will motivate students to communicate in L2.

Teachers, school staff and others need to be versed in the functions, features, and purposes of communication and be able to model good communication skills when working within and across diverse groups.

Social entrepreneurship is changing the nature of social interventions. It is fast becoming a preferred method of “doing good” because it is sustainable. By engaging your students with social entrepreneurship, your school will give them critical creative skills for future jobs (…)

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